A beginner’s guide to understanding Digital Marketing

If you want to start as a Digital Marketer,

this article will give you a clear understanding of Digital Marketing.

Digital is just a medium for marketing, earlier people used to offline marketing and now as the world is going digital, so is the shift with the medium.

Marketing is required for every business to make products and services sell better.

The Fundamentals of Marketing

When I started learning about Marketing, I always thought that it is about being creative and selling, and these are the required skills for Marketing,

I was hesitant to get into marketing and always thought I would outsource Marketing for my business.

I would like to inform you that Marketing is based on science and not on creativity.

A science that you can analyze and learn through experiments.

If you are creating a product, Marketing starts before creating the product. Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Source https://www.abhishek.info/traditional-marketing-vs-digital-marketing/

Traditional Marketing is done through various offline channels and is a widely used method, like through TV, Newspapers, Radio, Print Magazines, Pamphlets, or Hoardings, etc.

Digital Marketing is a medium through which Marketing is done on Digital platforms, like Search Engines, Social Media, Emails, etc.

If you have a generic product with a very wide target audience, then TV Ads can reach millions of people at a low cost.

Traditional Marketing is like firing 100 shots in the sky, hoping to kill any flying bird.

Digital Marketing is targeting your choice of bird and aiming for a shot.

While Traditional Marketing is still effective, it is not the only way to reach your target audience.

Before investing in Traditional Marketing, let’s learn its limitations.

  • Little or no interaction with the target audience and the medium used for marketing. It is like a one-way street.
  • No Control over customizations and timings. Once executed cannot be updated with your latest updates on your products.
  • Higher Costs of reaching the target audience and getting their attention.
  • You can’t measure your Offline Marketing campaign. You cannot adjust your strategies in between your campaign execution.

Let’s understand why we should choose Digital Marketing.

  • You can have a high level of customer engagement and interaction through Social media and email messages. You can build a long-lasting relationship with customers through interaction and connect instantly.
  • You can measure your results. It helps you to have a clear sight of your campaign goals.
  • You can have a bigger audience range as your potential reach is everyone who has access to the internet.
  • The cost plays a major aspect in Digital marketing, it is comparatively less and campaigns are more effective.

Now after you have chosen your method of Marketing, you need to create a great marketing campaign.

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