Semrush Review 2021

What is Semrush?

SEMrush is a great tool for SEO that helps you in Keyword research and track the keywords of your website. It can also run an SEO audit and look for opportunities for link building.

The most important thing it does is help with your content marketing.

How SEMrush can help you in Content marketing.

  1. Effective and Extensive Keyword Research
  2. Competition Comparison Analysis
  3. New Keyword Opportunities
  4. Track your Rankings!
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Backlink Analysis
  7. Find Better Advertisement Opportunities

Let me explain to you this will you in creating and distributing great content effectively.

Effective and Extensive Keyword Research

SEMrush helps you to identify the keyword phrases which are most likely to give you organic search traffic.

It also helps you in keyword optimization and content strategy for your blogs.

Competition Comparison Analysis

Understanding what you are doing yourself is important before analyzing your competitors. It lets you know how your traffic is performing and how you are getting it.

You should monitor your dashboard every week to keep a watch on your progress.

New Keyword Opportunities

SEMrush is a great tool for researching new keyword ideas and allows you to identify more and better keywords for your content creation.

Track your Rankings!

SEMrush allows you to track your current and past rankings very easily. You can identify what worked and what did not, and you can plan your strategy to writing the blog post which got you success. You can look for similar topics, keywords, or styles of writing.

Competitor Analysis

SEMrush not only helps you in analyzing your competitor but also analyze your competitor’s competitors. This would help you in understanding and creating a strategy to consider.

Backlink Analysis

SEMrush helps you in finding your competitor’s number of backlinks and from where they are getting and

offers you suggestions for appropriate websites that can add value through backlinking. The objective is to get more inbound links for your content.

Find Better Advertisement Opportunities

SEMrush lets you find out about the businesses that would benefit if they advertised on your website. It lets you know the domains that are paying for traffic, common keywords they are bidding on, cost of driving traffic through ads.

Semrush Pricing

Before deciding on the plan, you want to buy, SEMrush provides a free trial of up to 14 days with an extended trial option.

The various plans available for SEMrush are Free (with limited features), Pro ($119.95/mo), Guru ($229.95/mo), Business ($449.95/mo).

Summary of Features

  • Metrics – Sessions, Engagement, Return, Search Rank.
  • Tools – Audience Insights
  • Keyword Research – Keyword suggestions, Long-Tail keywords, Search Volume
  • Rank Tracking – SERP Rank tracking, Rank Alerts
  • Off-Page SEO – Link building, Backlink Monitoring
  • SEO Reporting – Competitor Analysis, Data Visualization, Custom Reports

Semrush – What works and what does not.


Wide access to keywords, traffic analysis, easy to use with a user-friendly interface, an extensive number of reports available, and simple visual presentation, Support provided is more than any other tool with chat, email, and phone.


Only the highest plan has access to white label reports, one user account is provided, keyword difficulty is not 100% accurate, only includes data from Google Search engine.

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